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Conservation Tillage Technology

We promote sub soiling and ripping planting lines that make it possible to plant directly into the soil without ploughing or harrowing. This reduces soil erosion, compaction, evaporation, and weed growth. It also improves soil structure, water infiltration, organic matter content, and biological activity.

Soil Specific Nutrition Management

We provide soil testing and analysis services to farmers to ensure balanced nutrition for the crop in question. We address the right type and amount of nutrient required at the right time and applied using the right method for improved nutrient use efficiency. We also advise farmers on crop rotation, intercropping, cover cropping, green manuring, composting, and mulching for improved soil health.

Water Harvesting & Conservation

We design and construct water harvesting structures such as ponds, tanks, dams, wells, boreholes, roof catchments, terraces, and contour bunds for rain-fed and irrigated production. We also advise farmers on water conservation practices such as drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, furrow irrigation, basin irrigation, mulching, and scheduling.

Post Harvest Processing & Storage

We design and construct post harvest processing facilities such as grain mills,threshers, shellers, dryers, cleaners, sorters, and graders for value addition and quality improvement. We also design and construct storage facilities such as silos, bins, cribs, bags, and warehouses for reducing post harvest losses and preserving food security.

Training and Capacity Building

We conduct training and capacity building programs for farmers, communities, organizations, and institutions on natural resource management and conservation agriculture. We use participatory and experiential learning methods such as demonstrations, field days, farmer field schools, study tours, workshops, seminars, and conferences.

Project Management & Evaluation

We provide project management and evaluation services for natural resource management and conservation agriculture projects. We assist in project planning, design, implementation, monitoring, reporting, and evaluation. We use participatory and evidence-based approaches such as logical framework analysis, stakeholder analysis, baseline surveys, impact assessments, cost-benefit analysis, and sustainability analysis.

Sustainable Agriculture

We have a proven track record of delivering high-quality services in natural resource management and conservation agriculture having successfully completed several projects in Kenya and other countries in Africa.


We also have a network of partners and collaborators in government agencies,research institutions, and other stakeholders in the agricultural industry.

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